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Three things cannot long be hidden

The sun, the moon, and the truth

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Name:Can you still see the heart of me?

The life and loves of rain's inamorata
Essentially, I'm just a weird girl with a dream and a typewriter laptop. My first love is writing, which I probably love more than I love life itself (though this being alive thing sure helps with the writing). I firmly believe that as an author I'm a travelling scribe, traversing sometimes treacherous otherworldly places and bringing back stories.

I'm an English Lit grad with an unending passion for words; books are certainly my second great love. I also have a chronic-illness-addled brain that can no longer keep up. I try to remedy this by reading as much as I can, flailing over books I love, writing like my life depends on it, and hoping no one asks me to talk coherently about any of the above.

The third great love of my life is nature, especially rain (OMG RAIN!!!!).

The fourth love of my life is my muses, for whom I do not have a better label. More on them inside ... maybe. And the fifth? My amazingly patient husband who puts up with all this. Please note I haven't listed my loves in order of preference here *g*.

I'm cautiously open to adds, but please have a look at my friends only post first.
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affirmations, anne rice, autumn, being content, being contradictory, being silly, body positivity, books not kindle, buddhism, building community, choral music, classical music, compassion, cooking, coventina, critical thinking, crystals, damh the bard, dark moon, dark paganism, darkness, deep thoughts, deities, divination, djinn, doctor who, down to earth, dyscalculia, eclectic music tastes, environmentalism, epica, evanescence, faeries, faery, fantasy, fantasy films, florence + the machine, folklore, frugality, genderfluid, getting the giggles, ghosts, going against the grain, going your own way, gothic, gypsies, haiku, handmade, healthy food, hecate, hedge witches, his dark materials, holy wells, hugging trees, hurts, icons, individualism, inner work, karen marie moning, know yourself, lady gaga, language, laughter, libraries, living history, living in the moment, living lightly, local food, local history, loreena mckennitt, love, magic, making blends, manifestation, meditation, mediums, mermaids, misanthropy, muses, mystery, mythology, nanowrimo, nature, night, not backing down, not being cool, not giving a fuck, novels, old books, old buildings, omnia, otherkin, paganism, pansexuality, philosophy, photomanipulation, poetry, positive thinking, practicality, protecting the earth, psychopomps, rain, reading, rituals, romany, sacred sites, scotland, self development, shamanism, sidhe, simple living, sky watching, solitary witches, soul mates, speaking up, spirit companions, spirituality, star trek, stars, stately homes, stone circles, tarot, tattoos, the big bang theory, the lord of the rings, the otherworld, thinking for yourself, thrifting, tibetan bon tradition, trees, twilight snark, ufos, unseelie, urban fantasy, vampires, vampires who don't sparkle, vienna teng, violins, vnv nation, walking in the rain, watching movies, wheel of the year, winter, winter court, witchcraft, wonder, world cultures, wrimos, writing, writing prompts
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